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PVC Curtain

Selling PVC curtains at cheap prices

The use of PVC / plastic curtains is common in Indonesia. PVC curtain serves as a barrier which is generally mounted on the door to make it easier to get in and out of the room. PVC blinds are designed in the form of strips with various colors and characteristics. These products are generally transparent so that indoor activity can be seen from outside or inside. There are various colors for PVC curtains such as blue, yellow, orange, red and so on.

PVC curtains play a role in driving dust and dirt into sterile settings such as kitchens and food rooms. In addition, PVC curtains are designed with a variety of certain colors, such as yellow / orange PVC curtains that function to prevent insects from entering the room.Discover a variety of PVC curtain needs for your warehouse or factory or industry, for quality products at low prices.
We also provide various PVC curtain needs and various insulation materials that can be used for various needs.

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